Voiced By: 100dcx
Gender Male
Species Asteroid
Team The Awesome Team
Episode eliminated Deja Vu'
Place 2nd
Friends Yellow Spider, Microphone, Fat Alien, Melon, Umbrella, Hammer (Possibly) Camera Rainbow Box,
Enemies Banana, Hammer (Possibly) Key
Color Dark Red/Brown

""Quote |You Are My Best Friend Yellow Spider!


Asteroid is a nice and friendly object, he debuts on The Meeting

Asteroid was randomly chosen to choose the teams, he chose the team name as "The Awesome Team".In the challenge he did pretty well but there are no scenes with Asteroid thinking or writing.

However, his team won and The Sweet Objects was up for elimination. Yellow Spider Gets Hit By Asteroid! Rainbow WILL VOTE HIM! Asteroid Is A Male/Guy/Brother/Boy. He is Happy, Confused, Bored, Not Shocked, Unimpressed and nutural But He's Annoying A Lot.

Apperances on Mountain of SadnessEdit

Melon said "Let's go!" in a happy way and Fat Alien said to Asteroid beacuse he is worried, Asteroid said Melon has no arms so he would have a good chance to fail at climbing.

Also,his team loses beacuse Microphone, Fat Alien and him, didn't climb the mountain, but they didn't lose friends, that's the good point.

Apparences on Cooking and EatingEdit

As you can see, Asteroid's team, The Awesome Team was up for elimination. Asteroid had 4 prize votes, so he earned nothing, Umbrela wins the prize with 7 votes. So Asteroid was 3rd at the most prize votes, he had 2 elimination votes so he was safe,and 4th at the most elimination votes.Hammer was 1st with 9 votes so he was eliminated.

This episode had 2 contests, an eating contest and the best food contest, at the eating contest Asteroid had to eat more than Candy Cane and he won.At the second contest,Asteroid made a hot ice cream.It was horrible but still his team won beacuse of Fat Alien since he made 3 cakes and he shared the cakes with Melon and Microphone.

Apparences on Christmas HappinesEdit

Asteroid wasn't up for elimination but in the challenge, he decorated the house inside and decorated the Christmas Tree togheter with Yellow Spider.

Blue Planet showed the recommanded characters who will join the game but than Asteroid woke up on Christmas day and he said "Wake up! It's Christmas!", and him, with Yellow Spider are so happy, they have seen the presents, they're a lot, also he presents the presents to Microphone and Fat Alien, and everybody from the house said "IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

Apparences on The New GuestEdit

Asteroid did teamwork with his team and he swimed either, also his team won and now has Party Hat on it.

Apparences on The Best ArtistEdit

Asteroid wanted to see the elimination with Yellow Spider, also he and his teamates were up for elimination beacuse The Sweet Objects are more talented at drawing.

Apparences on Don't cry baby!Edit

Asteroid was talking with his friends at the beggining,but he got 3 dislikes and 2 likes at the elimination. His team lost again but nothing happens to it.

Apparences on Swim in secondsEdit

Asteroid finished swimming in 7 seconds in the challenge,but his team lost again and along with his teamates were up for elimination.