"If you want Drama on this Show, vote for me!"

- Candy Cane's Rejoin Vote Speech (CTW 15)

Candy Cane
Voiced By: 100dcx
Gender Female
Species Candy Cane
Team The Sweet Objects
Episode eliminated Episode 13: Parade Of Skills (138 votes)
Place 9th place (Was supposed to be eliminated in episode 11 but used Box's immunity card to keep her safe.)

Box, Camera (Currently boy friend), Melon, Star, Wheel, Key, Rainbow (Until episode 11), None (Until CTW 20)

Enemies Banana, Hammer(Arch-nemesis), Rainbow (As of episode 11), Almost Everyone (after CTW 20)
Color Red and White
Origin United Kingdom (Possibly)

Candy Cane was a social sweet object, until episode 10. She is Camera's friend (and likely current girlfriend), she was a part of The Sweet Objects and of course, a part of Challenge To Win. She was called Candy Bar back then.


The Meeting Edit

Remove Candy Cane was racing Camera but she failed because of Banana.

Candy Cane was randomly picked to be a team leader.

At the challenge there wasn't scenes with her talking or writing but her team lose and it's up for elimination.

Mountain of Sadness Edit

Candy Cane was up for elimination, she had 3 prize votes, she is 2nd at the most prize votes, Camera is 1st at the most prize votes with 4 prize votes. Candy Cane and a lot of other objects got 2 elimination votes, that's 2nd at the most elimination votes.

At the challenge Box carried Candy Cane and Melon and climbed the mountain, also their team win, that means The Awesome Team is up for elimination.

Cooking and Eating Edit

At the challenge Candy Cane had an eating contest with Asteroid and she loses saying "Oh no! I can't eat candy beacuse I am candy!", also it was a tiebreaker so they had to do a food for Blue Planet, Candy Cane had an candy cane for Blue Planet. Also her team loses that means they're up for elimination.

Christmas Happiness Edit

At the beggining, Candy Cane was in the Challenge To Win hospital, to get Camera back, and then they moved to the elimination place.

At the elimination, Candy cane was 3rd at the most prize votes with Star and Wheel, they both have 4 prize votes. Candy cane was 6rd at the most elimination votes, with 1 elimination vote, that less than Key, who was 1st with 10 elimination votes, which is 10 times higher.

Candy Cane was the boss at the challenge, she earn the decorations, and everyone asked her about the process. At the end of the challenge she asked Blue Planet what to do. After that, she have seen the present from Santa.


  • Candy Cane was originally called Candy Bar in episode 1.
  • Candy Cane has bragged about girls in episode 7 and 10.
  • She was nice until episode 10, when Hammer became Camera's friend.
  • It could be rumored that the only reason Candy Cane became rude was because she was jealous of Camera having another friend. (possibly indicating that Candy Cane might've had a crush for Camera earlier in the show, although this is unconfirmed.)
  • Up until episode 18, She had the most votes out of any contestant to be eliminated, at 138 votes.
  • Candy Cane can scream so loud, she can break Electronics, and shatter the eardrums of other contestants, Revealed in episode 11.
  • Candy Cane stole Box's immunity card, and she was the first to do that. She got caught an episode later.
  • As of episode 20, Candy Cane now knows that Camera had a secret crush on her, and is likely dating him as of now.