Episode 19 is the 1st part of the 2 part finale of challenge to win! either asteriod or camera will win!


it begins with asteriod and camera sitting down looking at the sky having a conversation about how the final episode is already here. key shows up and asks him if he is ready for his training. camera is confused and key shouts the final duh! then he tells him he needs to be in his best shape to win. but camera jokes around and says he is in is best shape. he's a rectangle. then key complains about losing. then asteriod comes and asks them whats different about him. he shows off his muscles and camera is impressed. then camera thinks its time to quit but key refuses him to quit. turns out he was just joking. then asteriod makes fun of camera and tells him he needs way more training to win. then camera gets pissed and will work his hardest to beat that fat tub of lard. then key asks him to do it a better way. camera asks him what he has in mind. and key doesn't really know. at the eliminated contastents place hammer says his catchphrase. hey umbrella. sorry i didn't know what umbrella said but hammer said what he was talking about. umbrella replies with something and hammer says it was so much fun playing. then banana says its about time that they wanted to get out of this "hell hole" then umbrella convinces that children are watching. then he complains about himself in the eliminated contestant place for 4 years. and is finally gonna be free and he never molded. and party hat asks him how he never molded for those 4 years. then banana makes a terrible comeback. fat alien is angry and tells him to shut up. he's thinking of a plan to steal the prize. candy cane tells him he's too fat and without a antenea he's nonsense. then candy cane makes fun of him of calling him fat fat fat fat alien. fat alien tells her that was horrible. then star tells them the finalist are about to start. then blue planet asks where is camera and key. asteriod doesn't know. blue *More editing coming soon*