Voiced By: 100dcx
Gender Male
Species Hammer
Origin Soviet Union (Kyrgyzstan)
Team Sweet Objects Awesome Team In Episode 1 and 2 and 3
Episode eliminated Episode 3: Cook and Eat (9 votes) (rejoined in episode 8) Episode 17 - Direction, not purpose! (74 votes) (Again)
Place 5th

Banana,Umbrella,Camera, Box

Enemies Fat Alien, Key, Candy Cane(Arch-Nemisis), Asteroid, Party Hat
Color Grey and Brown

"Hey there, Umbrella!"

-Hammer's 1st line (and the first line ever in CTW), and a recurring line that he says ot Umbrella. Edit

Hammer is tricky and he always says "Hey there!", he mostly says that to Umbrella. He was a part of The Awesome Team but was eliminated early in the game, but his popularity let him rejoin, so now he is part of The Sweet Objects and of course Challenge To Win.

Challenge To Win Episode 1 The MeetingEdit

At the first scene, Hammer did a trick with Umbrella, saying there is something in Umbrella's eye, then spraying water on his face with a water gun.

At the moment with the teams, Asteroid chooses Hammer, he is the last chosen on his team, but not the last chosen of all the characters.

At the challenge, Hammer said he was wrong at a question.

Challenge To Win Episode 2: Mountain of SadnessEdit

During the challenge, told Fat Alien and Umbrella about the trampoline. Later, Hammer jumped in the trampoline, at the end, Key jumped at the trampoline and she said thanks to Hammer, because of that, he was angry and his team was up for elimination.

Challenge To Win Episode 3 Cooking and EatingEdit

At the beggining, Hammer told Umbrella what he found. It was a tape, and he played it on the Tape Player.

At the elimination, Hammer had 2 prize votes, that's 4th at the most prize votes, 1st at the most prize votes is Umbrella with 7 votes. Hammer got 9 elimination votes, and was out.

At the end, Microphone vomited Umbrella, and he fell in the eliminated contestants place. Hammer said Umbrella is eliminated.

Challenge To Win Episode 4 Christmas HappinessEdit

Hammer was shown at the end, he said to Umbrella that his present is better, when he opened it, he closed it and he told everyone who was with him that he haves more candy.


  • Hammer said the first line ever in Challenge to Win, which is "Hey there, Umbrella!"
  • Hammer is one of the two contestants to be on both teams, the other being Melon.
  • According to Camera, Hammer has no memory of his existence, just because he said that he wouldn't tell Asteroid his talent, because he called him a stranger.
  • Hammer, Candy Cane, Yellow Spider are the only 2 characters to use their immunity cards to eliminate others, the ones being Party Hat, Wheel, and Umbrella.
  • Hammer is the first contestant to rejoin properly (Umbrella rejoined, but only because Microphone ate him and barfed him out onto the Eliminated Contestant's Place)
  • Hammer is the only contestant confirmed to have a family, as in CTW 13, he said "My mother said not to talk to strangers"
  • Hammer is the tallest contestant in the show.
  • There in a Hammer in Object Havoc
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