"But guys, I thought we were FRIENDS!" -Microphone before being eliminated in CTW 7

Voiced By: 100dcx (Episode 1-7), MegaAnimazing (Episode 8-Current)
Gender Female
Species Microphone
Team The Awesome team
Episode eliminated Episode 7: Don't cry baby! (7 votes)
Place 14th
Friends Star, Box, Melon
Enemies Banana
Color Multiple shades of grey

Microphone is a contestant that was chosen 2nd on the awesome team. She is a bit bossy, but mostly helpful to her team.

Apparences on Mountain of SadnessEdit

Microphone sang a song how they will win, but they lost because she along with Asteroid and Fat Alien didn't climb the mountain.

Apparences on Cooking and EatingEdit

In episode 3, she got 0 likes, and 1 dislike. She also ate Umbrella and she got a cake from Fat Alien.

Apparences on Christmas HappinessEdit

Microphone was leader in episode 4. She assigned melon and fat alien to do the outside of the house, and asteroid and yellow spider to do the inside.

Don't Cry BabyEdit

Microphone was eliminated with 7 dislikes, Banana, Camera, Rainbow, Asteroid, Party Hat, Umbrella, and Yellow Spider Voted for her to be eliminated.

Swim In Seconds Edit

The Episode starts off with Microphone and the rest of the eliminated contestants betting on who will rejoin. Banana says that she probably wont rejoin because she was eliminated last episode. At elimination she only got 7 votes to rejoin, tied with Star for the lowest amount of rejoining votes, But would of rejoined with 1,000,006 votes Because someone voted her 1,000,000 times.

Trivia Edit

  • Microphone only had dislikes and no likes in Episode 7 when voted by the contestants.
    • Also, she has the most dislikes when contestants had the chance to vote.
    • At the rejoin in Episode 16, she got the least amount of votes at 4 votes.
    • She is voiced by MegaAnimazing (the creator of Inanimate Fight-Out)
    • Microphone and Star both got the least and second least amount of votes in Episodes 8 and 16 to rejoin the game.