Voiced By: 100dcx (Episodes 1-5), Awesomepro403 (Episode 6-10), AnimationCreated (Episodes 10-Recent)
Gender Female
Species Rainbow
Team The Sweet Objects
Episode eliminated Episode 14 The truth behind that face (82 dislikes)
Place 8th

Box, Camera, Star, Wheel, Hammer, Key, Candy Cane (Until episode 11)

Enemies Banana,

Candy Cane (As of episode 11)

Color White and gray (clouds)

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple (rainbow)

"Wasn't the swimming in Episode 5 ENOUGH?!"

-Rainbow objecting about the challenge in CTW 8 Edit

Rainbow is a very kind contestant. She can fly and she is impatient. She has a lot of friends. She is on The Sweet Objects and of course Challenge To Win. She was then replaced by a doll which turned evil. She was the last female eliminated in episode 14, but it could change if a female rejoins.

Challenge To Win Episode 1 The MeetingEdit

In the first episode of Challenge To Win Rainbow, at the begining, She was talking with wheel about atmosphere or something.

In the team Choosing Candy Cane chose Rainbow to be on her team.

After some stuff Rainbow had nothing to say in the challenge but her team was up for elimination.

Challenge To Win Episode 2 Mountain of sadnessEdit

In the beginning Rainbow and Wheel once again had a talk with wheel talking about the elimination. then blue planet appeared from nowhere and she asked if blue planet is flying then blue planet fell

At the Prize and Elimination event  She got 1 prize vote and 2 elimination votes.

At the challenge Rainbow did so good, she was 2nd at the climbing, but she was flying, also the record was 19 seconds.

Challenge to win Episode 3 Cook and EatEdit

Rainbow was only seen in the challenge. Since Umbrella was eaten by Microphone. She played in the challenge as Umbrella

In the Tie-Breaker Challenge Rainbow found a Candy from nowhere using some weird stuff. and she maked  Blue Planet to barf rainbow, But for some reasons she lost and her team was up for elimination

Trivia Edit

  • Rainbow was the last female eliminated in episode 14. This changed when Key rejoined in episode sixteen.
  • Rainbow was correct when she says "I'll vote Asteroid" More LIKE "Elbow Asteroid"
  • rainbow was I gurl

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