Voiced By: 100dcx (Episode 1-5, Episode 11-current), KillaXCool (Episode 6-8), TheAwesomeYellow (Episode 9-10)
Gender Female
Species Bike Wheel
Team The Sweet Team
Episode eliminated Episode 11: A Late Christmas (16 votes)
Place 10th
Friends Rainbow (Best Friend), Fat Alien, Melon, Microphone, Candy Cane, Asteroid, Camera
Enemies Yellow Spider, Banana, Box, Hammer
Color Multiple shades of grey

Wheel is a contestant on Challenge to Win.

In the 2nd episode Wheel got last with 0 likes and it is unknown how many dislikes she got, but she was still safe.

She was eliminated in Episode 11 as Candy Cane uses her immunity card which she stole from Box to save herself and so Wheel was eliminated.


  • Every time Wheel has been up for elimination she has been in the bottom 3 (besides episode 2) because she's underrated.
  • Wheel was originally supposed to be on the The Awesome Team, but was mistakenly put on The Sweet Objects
  • Despite her unfair elimination, she didn't rejoin is Episode 16 because she only got 39 votes.
  • Another Wheel competes on Object Havoc by Toonmaster99, however this character is different,Ctw wheel is Female and is Legless while OH wheel is Male and is armless